Hurry hurry hurry

It's Sunday (Valentine's day oh yeah) and I am cuddling up in my bed - in the middle of a chaos consisting of cooking supplies, dishes, pots, glasses and wine bottles. Yes - my new kitchen is there. Monday evening the owner of my flat called me and told me that we have to build... Continue Reading →

Busy tunnel days

Been quiet here right? Well last week I couldn't even find one minute to post something due to busy tunnel days. If somebody told me last year that I would be in two different tunnels 6 days out of 7, flying and working, I would have thought he is crazy. But that was exactly what... Continue Reading →

First time Airbnb

Since I spend many nights in Vienna at the moment, I am really sick of hotels and hostels. Having a flat to come home in the evening with a little kitchen, bathroom and so on is a lot nicer. Especially when it is close to the place you work. After having the flat of friends... Continue Reading →

Rollercoaster days

It might sound ironical that I am talking about rollercoaster feelings and started working in the middle of an amusement park. But it describes my last week and all that happened precisely. It started on Monday, where I went for a nice sunny autumn run and stumbled over a stone. I fell down, hit the... Continue Reading →

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