Busy tunnel days

Been quiet here right? Well last week I couldn't even find one minute to post something due to busy tunnel days. If somebody told me last year that I would be in two different tunnels 6 days out of 7, flying and working, I would have thought he is crazy. But that was exactly what... Continue Reading →

First time Airbnb

Since I spend many nights in Vienna at the moment, I am really sick of hotels and hostels. Having a flat to come home in the evening with a little kitchen, bathroom and so on is a lot nicer. Especially when it is close to the place you work. After having the flat of friends... Continue Reading →

Rollercoaster days

It might sound ironical that I am talking about rollercoaster feelings and started working in the middle of an amusement park. But it describes my last week and all that happened precisely. It started on Monday, where I went for a nice sunny autumn run and stumbled over a stone. I fell down, hit the... Continue Reading →

Slowly getting back on track

I hate doing nothing. And especially in difficult times like these, it's hard to not think about the stuff over and over again, just to conclude that you can't change it anyways. Since I am still looking for a job (even though I have several more or less promising interviews right now), I have nothing... Continue Reading →

Time to leave

Well today is the day. Lisal goes to Sri Lanka! After a busy day yesterday and a successful packing procedure I got up at half past five to catch my train to the Vienna airport. I was surprised that I can obviously survive with 15 kg in a backpack - everyone who was ever travelling... Continue Reading →

The Brickmakers Vienna

A friend of mine from Germany was on a business trip in Vienna and since I had to transfer some stuff from our old flat to my brother's apartment anyways, we decided to meet up to have dinner. I asked my brother where to go, since I didn't get a table at Neni. His absolute... Continue Reading →

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