Dress for success (on long distance flights)

So let's talk a bit about how you can look nice (or let's say acceptable) and feel good when taking a long distance flight. Especially when you are backpacking and therefore have to assort your luggage carefully, and in my case when you travel at a time when the temperatures at home can be about... Continue Reading →

Accommodations as solo traveler

Well, my Bali trip is approaching with huuuge steps, so it is also time to think about where to stay. I usually only book the first night and maybe the night afterwards, because in most cases, and especially in Asia or the US, it is really easy to find nice places to stay. It isĀ ... Continue Reading →

Handle it (your luggage I mean)

So traveling is a great thing, right? The not-so-great thing is that you somehow have to deal with the things you take with you. Especially when you have to move a little more than jumping in and out the plane after getting to the airport by car, carrying your stuff can turn into a little... Continue Reading →

Traveling with El Al

"It's not an airline. It's Israel." That's El Al's slogan. Well... I thought it might be a good idea to talk a little bit about how to get to Israel before getting into all my travel experiences. When I booked the flight, I was looking for a cheap one directly from Vienna with nice flying... Continue Reading →

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