My little tips and tricks for long travel days

You might have realized it by the low number of posts, that I traveled a lot in the last weeks. And even if my flights mainly only take one or two hours, days sometimes are long and exhausting. Still, I need to be fit enough to take part in meetings and get through a tight... Continue Reading →

T-3 days: departure comes closer

It's only a few days until I will leave rainy Austria towards sunny and hot Sri Lanka.┬áLuggage is in preparation, a more or less general travel route is clear and I am really looking forward to that experience. Traveling alone is an experience everybody should go through at least once. I've been to several cities... Continue Reading →

Heat Heat Heat

Pew, I was a bit lazy the last days, right? There's probably one reason for it. The incredible summer heat we are suffering from in Austria currently. We have about 40 degrees C every day. It doesn't cool down during the nights and the promised thunderstorms never arrived, at least not in my place. Every... Continue Reading →

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