Tasty cabbage-meat-treat

This recipe was inspired by friends and can be extended just as you want. Cabbage has become a pretty unsexy vegetable. Most of the recipes we have in Austria use it as side dish or combine it with greasy or heavy ingredients (pork meat, sausages and stuff). But I remember the wonderful taste of cabbage... Continue Reading →

Summer beetroot salad with goat cheese

I already mentioned once that I truly love beetroot. Here is a nice summer recipe with it, which came to my place from Klatovy, to be exact from a lovely booth where they sold vegetarian delicacies. I just adapted it a bit and it's super simple. For me as a quick dinner snack I took:... Continue Reading →

Oven baked pancakes

Well, on the first view pancakes might sound like a lot of sugar, unhealthy and more or less a dessert. But since there is this pancake craze all around, you even find a lot of healthier, sugar free variations. The pancakes in this recipe are oven baked - which means even complete cooking dumbasses will... Continue Reading →

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