2019, fresh as snow – my little annual practice

Damn! The new year is already 25 days old and it finally feels like I arrived. I haven't been at home for a weekend since Christmas, first because of skydiving in Spain, then I was invited to coach two groups at the Ladies Flow LO goes indoor event in Berlin and last weekend, I was... Continue Reading →

New in: Thermos jar for food

In my new office there is a restaurant, but unfortunately there is no microwave. I know that they are cooking with a lot of convenience products and therefore I don't want to eat there everyday. And how can I get warm food for lunch too? The thermo pot is the solution. After an intense Amazon... Continue Reading →

Avani Kaluthara

I still owe you my report about the second of my won hotels. After four wonderful nights in Bentota, the staff organized a ride to Kaluthara. I would say it is the little sister of the hotel in Bentota, located wonderfully on an peninsula between the Bentota Ganga and the ocean. My travel guide told... Continue Reading →

Review: Skinfit Bike Shorts

Some time ago I told you I was completely stoked about my new Skinfit shorts. Well let's get a bit more into detail.... I usually preferred bike shorts with rather thick pillows, since I thought these would be nicer when riding a long time. While riding together with a friend some weeks ago we discussed... Continue Reading →

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