And then I tried Yoga (again)

It's not that I didn't try it before, you know. But somehow my first attempts were not successful enough to keep me going. Even though I was thinking about it pretty often, I never got my ass up to find the place or occasion why I would do it regularly. Then, after this last crazy... Continue Reading →

Time to celebrate

Well, it's the night before December 24th, which is the traditional day to celebrate Christmas here in Austria. Finally time to relax a little before the big day, and also time to think about the last weeks. My last 1.5 months were extremely busy. Not so much at work, but more in private life. Celebrations,... Continue Reading →

Power Places

Have you ever had the feeling, that a certain place has a special energy and power? That you can charge your batteries, gain back your confidence and you feel simply happy there? I have been to several places where I had that feeling. Sometimes for longer times, sometimes just for a few hours. But the... Continue Reading →

The beauty of daily moments

After the last busy weeks with a filled schedule and therefore lots of stress, it's time to re-organize my life, set up new goals and plans and also to come down a bit. I realized that I need a little bit more balance in my life. On the one hand I get this with better... Continue Reading →

Avani Kaluthara

I still owe you my report about the second of my won hotels. After four wonderful nights in Bentota, the staff organized a ride to Kaluthara. I would say it is the little sister of the hotel in Bentota, located wonderfully on an peninsula between the Bentota Ganga and the ocean. My travel guide told... Continue Reading →

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