Eating meat – good, bad or ugly?

Yesterday night, we had a thank-you-dinner from my skydiving club for all the helpers of the skydiving nationals. In Austria, we love to celebrate things with "Bradl" - which means mainly roasted pork, dumplings, "Sauerkraut" and beer. I like these occasions to get a good piece of Bradl, since I never ever cook something like... Continue Reading →

Tasty cabbage-meat-treat

This recipe was inspired by friends and can be extended just as you want. Cabbage has become a pretty unsexy vegetable. Most of the recipes we have in Austria use it as side dish or combine it with greasy or heavy ingredients (pork meat, sausages and stuff). But I remember the wonderful taste of cabbage... Continue Reading →

The Brickmakers Vienna

A friend of mine from Germany was on a business trip in Vienna and since I had to transfer some stuff from our old flat to my brother's apartment anyways, we decided to meet up to have dinner. I asked my brother where to go, since I didn't get a table at Neni. His absolute... Continue Reading →

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