Oven-baked char with avocado zoodles

Last Saturday it was the first real spring day on the farmer's market and oh yes, the fish farm guy returned from the winter break. They come with living fish (mainly trouts and char), which you can select. They kill them directly on the market - which might sound cruel, but actually it is the... Continue Reading →

Sundays are…. for beetroot experiments?

There are many factors why I love my job, but one of them is the constant contact with cooks and foodies. It is so inspiring to spend time in the kitchen or at the grill with them, or discuss all kinds of food topics! So maybe this was the reason why I was kinda experimental... Continue Reading →

Eggplant mini pizzas (low carb)

I just got the information that I won tickets for the first street food festival in Linz :-) And how? By simply entering one of my favorite mini-recipes: my eggplant mini pizzas. In the evening I often crave for something savory, especially after my workout or running. Cottage cheese is nice, but after a while... Continue Reading →

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