Sending some love

Well it was a little bit silent here in the last weeks, but it was a busy time before Christmas. Now finally the days are here and I enjoy some silence before it's time to visit the family. And then flying off to Sunny Seville. For several years now I added a little tradition to... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts about life and death and what we all should learn about it

Today, 8 years ago, my mum died. It's as simple as that. After a fight against cancer which didn't even took 4 months, it was a grey morning when she passed away. I remember it as it was yesterday: the day before, the hospital called me in the evening to come because it seemed like... Continue Reading →

I fell in love with Tel Aviv

I always made the experience that either I fall in love ¬†with a city instantly, or I will never. Falling in love with a city for me means enjoying the vibe, feeling comfortable, and the idea of living there feels good. Tel Aviv is one of these cities. I arrived during the afternoon heat, but... Continue Reading →

The art of giving

It's only a little bit more than two weeks until christmas. Yesterday I was downtown looking for some stuff and recognized one thing: people actually seem to hate christmas. They look grumpy, they shout around and compensate all of this with too much punch. They are stressed by the fact that they have to find... Continue Reading →

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