Let’s start 2018

Last year I made this little practice for the first time, and when I look back on this post, I can be very proud and happy that everything worked out so well. And since I think it definitely makes sense to sit down and make up my mind to some questions, I will do it... Continue Reading →

Short first recap of Bali

I am back. Can't believe that I just landed an hour ago in Vienna and I am waiting for my train to Linz. So in order not to fall asleep (in "my" time it would be 3:30 am right now), I want to do a first short recap of my trip. No worries, there will... Continue Reading →

Goodbye 2015 and hello January

Finally - time for a goodbye and hello post. The last days were rather crazy and sad at the same time, so now I needed some time to get a little distance - that I can find something to write about also you might have a little interest and doesn't seem to depressed ;-) Looking... Continue Reading →

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