Hearty lukewarm (vegan) lentil salad

Sometimes you just need soul food. Maybe it was not your day, maybe you have too many thoughts going on your mind, maybe you just crave for something savoury. In this case, this salad might be a solution for your problem. The mix of raw and cooked, of smaller and chunkier pieces, of mild and... Continue Reading →

Lentil salad with young spinach

In between all the travel posts here is a quick recipe for a lovely salad. Lentils are actually really great for salads, and I almost forgot how nicely you can mix them until I had a great lentil meal in Mitzpe Ramon in Israel waiting for the meteor shower. I prepared this salad for two... Continue Reading →

Spicy vegan lentil salad

So this was my first week in the new job. Actually there was a little culture shock after my time in Vienna and one part of it was the cafeteria. I only had a company restaurant at Trotec and it was more an opportunity to order food instead of a real cafeteria. Well, at Engel... Continue Reading →

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