Masada, Ein Gedi and Dead Sea

Abraham Hostel in Jerusalem was also my choice because of their nicely organised day trips. I also wanted to see the famous world heritage site Masada, as well as the well-known oasis Ein Gedi, and of course I wanted to swim in the Dead Sea. There was one trip that made it possible to visit... Continue Reading →

Religion, history, tension: Jerusalem

When you travel┬áto Israel you definitely will also come and visit Jerusalem. It is the capital of the country and definitely worth a stop. Never before I saw so much history and religion on such a small spot. Nevertheless I also was warned about the ongoing tensions which still exist and a person, who lived... Continue Reading →

Traveling with El Al

"It's not an airline. It's Israel." That's El Al's slogan. Well... I thought it might be a good idea to talk a little bit about how to get to Israel before getting into all my travel experiences. When I booked the flight, I was looking for a cheap one directly from Vienna with nice flying... Continue Reading →

Back from Israel

I am back. Not sure if I like that fact, and especially because I have to return to work tomorrow, but yeah, I am back. Luckily, the weather in Austria decided to be some kind of summer-like, otherwise I would have died because of freezing ;) I just enjoyed the first night in my own... Continue Reading →

Wheeeee Lisal goes to Israel!

While outside the soft sound of rain calms the hot streets of Linz, I am super excited: I am going to Israel! Why what when how? Ok let's take it step by step. My company has an official company holiday during the first two weeks of August. I was looking around, but no bigger skydiving... Continue Reading →

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