What to give for Christmas? About sustainable giving.

It is Dec 23rd and so I guess most of us will be at least a bit busy with preparing the big day (in Austria we celebrate it on the 24th). So many people are worried what to give to the people around them. There is these categories too: loved ones, friends, family, kids and... Continue Reading →

Don’t forget: Todos before your (solo) trip

So it's more or less the last week before my trip and since I will spend my weekend in Tyrol and then have to go on a business trip the two days before I leave, I have to take care of the ultimate last todos before my trip, which are even more important, when you... Continue Reading →

Accommodations as solo traveler

Well, my Bali trip is approaching with huuuge steps, so it is also time to think about where to stay. I usually only book the first night and maybe the night afterwards, because in most cases, and especially in Asia or the US, it is really easy to find nice places to stay. It is ... Continue Reading →

Finally there is a Klatovy video

Yeah, finally I made it!  I was too busy and tired during the last weeks and so it took me a while to finish a little edit about the nice trip to Klatovy. Most of the video happens in the sky - obviously the stuff that happened on the ground was more interesting than carrying... Continue Reading →

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