Cutting calories without cutting the fun

So I eat healthy, I work out, I try not to drink too much alcohol. All good. But on the other hand I still have a sitting job and even though I try to move as much as possible, I still have to watch what I eat. And as everyone I want to look good... Continue Reading →


Bulgarian Schopska Salad

Yes! Spring is finally here! Or let's say almost early summer, if you take a look on the temperatures. And with the rising temperatures, salads get more and more attractive as quick and light eats. Years and years ago, I spent a family holiday in Bulgaria and loved this kind of salad, since it very... Continue Reading →

Viva la vinaigrette!

Of course, autumn and winter might not be the ideal season for salads, at least not in middle Europe. The locally growing salad variety is narrowed to a few different types, it's cold outside and usually you prefer hearty foods like stews or soups. But I still love to eat a good bowl of greens... Continue Reading →

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