Mashed potato awesomeness

So after these slightly emotional posts it's time for some food porn right? Right now in Austria, I miss Spain. Every detail of this travel there. Because here, it is loads of work and loads of shit weather, and what helps keeping all the motivation up is: sports (indoors bruuuh), yoga, the wait for my... Continue Reading →

Very berry smoothie bowl

During christmas, we all eat too much. Especially of the wrong things we always try to avoid. But hey - it's the holiday season and at some point we all should relax and enjoy. I try to keep my breakfasts healthy when I know that it's going to be a day where my lovely family... Continue Reading →

Lisal’s quick breakfast mess

After the last days on a Schnitzel, fries and beer diet it's time to eat more fresh stuff and fruits and veggies. Don't get me wrong, sometimes fried, crusty and fat is awesome, but the more I enjoy my healthy meals afterwards. Yesterday I prepared myself my -as I call it- breakfast mess. This is... Continue Reading →

Simple powerfood salad with chickpeas

During summer, we all need food easy to transport and take with us when we're out for our activities. This power salad combines a lot of high quality foods into a refreshing meal. And it's great to recycle leftover veggies, I personally hate it to throw away food. The base of it are cooked chickpeas.... Continue Reading →

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