Boom: Banana-Coconut-Cocoa smoothie bowl (vegan)

I know these smoothiebowlthingies are super fancy and hipster at the moment. But hey - first, they are really great because you can literally get rid of all fruits in your fridge easily and tasty and second they are fun to prepare and to eat. And third -and very important to me- they bring me... Continue Reading →

Tasty cabbage-meat-treat

This recipe was inspired by friends and can be extended just as you want. Cabbage has become a pretty unsexy vegetable. Most of the recipes we have in Austria use it as side dish or combine it with greasy or heavy ingredients (pork meat, sausages and stuff). But I remember the wonderful taste of cabbage... Continue Reading →

Eggplant mini pizzas (low carb)

I just got the information that I won tickets for the first street food festival in Linz :-) And how? By simply entering one of my favorite mini-recipes: my eggplant mini pizzas. In the evening I often crave for something savory, especially after my workout or running. Cottage cheese is nice, but after a while... Continue Reading →

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