Home made marmalade

I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of marmalade or jam on a piece of bread. But it's super nice to drop a little on some pancakes, into yoghurt, waffles and stuff like that. The better it is, if it is your own home made one. And it is always a nice present.... Continue Reading →

Tasty cabbage-meat-treat

This recipe was inspired by friends and can be extended just as you want. Cabbage has become a pretty unsexy vegetable. Most of the recipes we have in Austria use it as side dish or combine it with greasy or heavy ingredients (pork meat, sausages and stuff). But I remember the wonderful taste of cabbage... Continue Reading →

Vegan red thai asparagus curry

Well asparagus might not be the first vegetable you think of when you cook thai curry. But actually, in Thailand they have a special thin and very delicious asparagus and since I had loads of fresh green beauty from the local farmers in my fridge, I made a nice and very spicy vegan thai curry... Continue Reading →

50 shades of green – asparagus time!

Ok or almost. Yeah! It's one of my favourite times of the year. Finally the wonderful, tasty, healthy and green asparagus grows again and I started binge-eating that stuff last Friday. I am lucky, green asparagus is pretty typical for the area where I live and so just have to drive to a well known... Continue Reading →

Lovely bulgur salads

Summer is coming up and so it is salad season again. Besides the usual veggie salads with all kinds of toppings, I also love variations with grains, pasta, potatoes and other hearty stuff. Especially when I plan sports activities or when I am on the dropzone I need something that has┬ámore power than some lettuce... Continue Reading →

New in: Thermos jar for food

In my new office there is a restaurant, but unfortunately there is no microwave. I know that they are cooking with a lot of convenience products and therefore I don't want to eat there everyday. And how can I get warm food for lunch too? The thermo pot is the solution. After an intense Amazon... Continue Reading →

How to stick to your eating concept

Whenever and for whatever reason you have to change your eating habits, it's going to be a little struggle. You'll miss some of your favourites, you have to think more about what to buy and what to cook and sometimes, just because you're used to it, you will crave for something. Whatever your diet or... Continue Reading →

Busy but healthy?

All of us are busy during the weeks, some of us also on a weekend. But we all are hungry and there is the problem: you come home late in the evening or on Sunday night and aaahm... Where do we get food from? Order it? Frozen pizza? There are other and way more healthy... Continue Reading →

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