My little tips and tricks for long travel days

You might have realized it by the low number of posts, that I traveled a lot in the last weeks. And even if my flights mainly only take one or two hours, days sometimes are long and exhausting. Still, I need to be fit enough to take part in meetings and get through a tight... Continue Reading →

Freefly Fest Bad Saulgau 2016

Everything looked bad. I had to work long, the weather forecast looked like shit and my knee was still hurting. Nevertheless I gave a shit and just drove the 5 hs to the little town of Bad Saulgau in southern Germany to attend Freefly Fest. I just had to get out and needed some quality... Continue Reading →

The small steps are the hardest

Tired on the couch, relaxing  the aching body, a cup of tea. Chillout mode after the great camp in Prague the last days. After catching some airtime in free fall on Saturday, I enjoyed 1,5 hs in the windy tube in Prague together with friends and one of our favourite coaches Kristian Moxnes. Whenever you... Continue Reading →

Back in the skies

Yesss! Today was the day! Due to the sunny weather we organized jumping on the DZ even though there are still some weeks until the official season starts. Ok, it was freezing cold up in 4000 m (-20 °C) and after opening the chute I had the feeling my fingers have been cut off (which... Continue Reading →

Season 2015 video

Yesterday was my skydiving club's xmas party and as usual someone had to do a video about our season. And yes, again, this was me. I must confess I didn't have as much time as the last years since I was always running between Linz, Vienna, Prague and so I started let's say just in... Continue Reading →

Time to leave

Well today is the day. Lisal goes to Sri Lanka! After a busy day yesterday and a successful packing procedure I got up at half past five to catch my train to the Vienna airport. I was surprised that I can obviously survive with 15 kg in a backpack - everyone who was ever travelling... Continue Reading →

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