Tasty salad with beetroot and mushrooms (vegan)

Oops another beetroot recipe! But hey, yesterday at the farmer's market I found so many nice ingredients I just couldn't say no. This simple salad is light and tasty, just perfect for a little in-between-lunch before workout and some evening activities. I combined the following parts: - 1 king oyster mushroom I bought from this... Continue Reading →

Sundays are…. for beetroot experiments?

There are many factors why I love my job, but one of them is the constant contact with cooks and foodies. It is so inspiring to spend time in the kitchen or at the grill with them, or discuss all kinds of food topics! So maybe this was the reason why I was kinda experimental... Continue Reading →

Inspiration: beetroot

I might have already given you a small insight into my beetroot addiction. But there is even much more to discover about this super healthy food. Since it is a true winter vegetable here in Austria and right now, you can buy it simply everywhere, I have some more preparation inspirations for you. I usually... Continue Reading →

Vegan beetroot soup

It might sound funny, but unless many other kids I've always loved beetroot. Especially as salad, which was on the table pretty often during winter times, because my mum learned us what to eat when and beetroot simply is a winter vegetable. In my opinion, beetroot is definitely underestimated - you can cook some many... Continue Reading →

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