Heat Heat Heat

Pew, I was a bit lazy the last days, right? There's probably one reason for it. The incredible summer heat we are suffering from in Austria currently. We have about 40 degrees C every day. It doesn't cool down during the nights and the promised thunderstorms never arrived, at least not in my place. Every... Continue Reading →

Radikale Boogie in Niederöblarn – Kissing the Grimming!

After the last busy weeks filled with students, tandem videos and other work it was time to charge the batteries and enjoy some days off. For the third time a bunch of crazy skydivers forming the "Freie Radikale" team in Germany organized a boogie on one of the most beautiful airports we have in Austria.... Continue Reading →

….so you can see the world

There is this quote: climb a mountain, not that the world can see you, but you can see the world. This is true. Enjoying a completely different view onto the world makes your perspective clearer, helps you finding new ways and provides me a special feeling of relaxation. Skydiving sometimes also works, but in times... Continue Reading →

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