My personal top 5 early morning sports motivation tips

We all have our preferred times for sports. Sometimes, for example when you take part in lessons or need daylight, we simply don't have a choice. And in my opinion, if possible, work out when you are feeling best. But then there are days when it's hot in the city and a run after a... Continue Reading →

Thursday morning cycling

The best thing in being on job search is having the time for all the stuff you love to do. For me that means also a lot of sports activities, that usually only happen in the evening, tired from work with a full head. Even though my grass allergy currently kicks in like hell and... Continue Reading →

….so you can see the world

There is this quote: climb a mountain, not that the world can see you, but you can see the world. This is true. Enjoying a completely different view onto the world makes your perspective clearer, helps you finding new ways and provides me a special feeling of relaxation. Skydiving sometimes also works, but in times... Continue Reading →

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