Horse Riding in Bahía Drake

It was one of my oldest childhood dreams  to race on a horse along the seashore, and somehow it never worked out. Til now. When my host explained me all the activity opportunities in the bay and mentioned that you could take horse rides, I was like-now or never! So on the next morning, I... Continue Reading →

Pew, finally Summer Boogie Video!

Shame on me! It's almost running season 2018 and I still had not finished my Summer Boogie 2017 video. But finally, yes, I know, rather late, I made a little edit of the nice jumps we had during the boogies I attended last summer. This time I rather focused on showing all the good times... Continue Reading →

Taking a short break at Freefly Fest

Well after the last busy weeks at my home dz and after this crazy month of May, it was about time to take some time off at another sky playground. The Bodyflyers where celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Freeflyfest at Bad Saulgau and so this little boogie was on my list. I combined it... Continue Reading →

DFFF Video finally done!

While I am working hard on editing this year's season video for my skydiving club (yay, tomorrow at 7pm I should have something ready), I realized that I didn't post my DFFF 2016 video yet. Last weekend, when I had a hangout time between my flying sessions at Windobona Wien, I finally had time to... Continue Reading →

Finally: Niederöblarn Video!

Oh hey, it just took me a few months to finally edit a little video from the jumps in Niederöblarn :-D Unfortunately, this year we were not too lucky with the weather, but we still had some awesome jumps that deserved to be presented in a video. So we focused more on killing the beers... Continue Reading →

Fly Free Andy…

Initially I was planning a post about living and dying in skydiving. But it is still so sad and I am still in kind of a vacuum, so I just copy my facebook post from yesterday and think about all these things later... there are those moments you'll never forget, and yesterday night was one... Continue Reading →

Freefly Fest Bad Saulgau 2016

Everything looked bad. I had to work long, the weather forecast looked like shit and my knee was still hurting. Nevertheless I gave a shit and just drove the 5 hs to the little town of Bad Saulgau in southern Germany to attend Freefly Fest. I just had to get out and needed some quality... Continue Reading →

Honored and proud: charity exhibition

Today I got a wonderful notification. Some weeks ago I took part in an instagram project, where igersaustria was looking for pictures which show something "without borders" for a charity exhibition for Medics without Borders. I chose a few of my pictures and hashtagged it with #ohnegrenzen2016 and the wonderful picture of us tracking along... Continue Reading →

Finally there is a Klatovy video

Yeah, finally I made it!  I was too busy and tired during the last weeks and so it took me a while to finish a little edit about the nice trip to Klatovy. Most of the video happens in the sky - obviously the stuff that happened on the ground was more interesting than carrying... Continue Reading →

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