Who I am? Good question.

Located in Linz, Austria, at home in the world and having fun on and off the ground. I am a exspansion and district manager for Weber Stephen (and taking care of the grill academies in Austria, Switzerland and Southern Germany) and love everything connected to building up brands as well as I love design and creative products. I think, my life is the best example for  Watzlawicks quote: “You can not not communicate”.

My big passion is skydiving, but also good food, traveling and enjoying my life with quality people. As often as possible, I try to combine all of it.

I started blogging years ago and stopped it due to many personal reasons. Now I started again and I will focus on my passions. I hope you like it. At least a little. If you have any questions, requests or just want to tell me something, feel free to send me a mail: pinkhornetpassions@gmx.at

dum volo, vivo. as long as I fly, I live.

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