Horse Riding in Bahía Drake

It was one of my oldest childhood dreams  to race on a horse along the seashore, and somehow it never worked out. Til now.

When my host explained me all the activity opportunities in the bay and mentioned that you could take horse rides, I was like-now or never!

So on the next morning, I got picked up by a lovely horse guide with two horses. The horses here are way smaller than at home, and the riding style is something more or less western style. Mainly led by ropes and kiss like sounds with the tongue, it seems to me that is also a gentle way of riding.

Despite all the warnings, the animals were in good shape, eager to walk and super relaxed. I did a lot of horse riding when I was younger, and after the first stiff 10 mins, I enjoyed being back in the saddle.

Unfortunately we couldn‘t stop at a waterfall due to the water amount, but the three hours crossing rivers, riding through the hills and the jungle while howler monkeys greeted the day was a special experience.

She told me a lot of interesting things about the animals and vegetation, I am pretty proud that I understood most of it in Spanish ;-) We took a little rest in the river to let the horses drink. Since it was my first day in the jungle it was really amazing (funny how fast you get used to all that). I was completely relaxed, until she explained me that in that area, usually during the night tons of the most venomous snakes are around. But no worries, they are in the bushes now. Yes cool, 4 m away ^^

When we finally let the horses run on the beach, I was the happiest horse girly.

To have a good experience I recommend talking openly about your skills. Even when you just walk, it was kinda bumpy because the ground was very muddy and therefire some balance in the saddle is needed. Wear long pants, and if you bring a backpack with chest- and hipstrap. And then enjoy :-)

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