Like a pirate: Bahía Drake

I  told you I wanted to slow down my pulse rate and relax? Well my first stop gave me all that. And on top, some pirate-like feeling!

Since I wanted to go to Corcovado National Park, my first stop was Bahía Drake. The easiest way to go there is to take the bus to Sierpe and then one of the collective boat taxis. It is about 90 mins to finally reach the bay and if you get the afternoon boat you might be there right on time for sunset. And belive me after  THATS bus ride, the boat will be a perfect change!

Since I was there in pre season, the whole village was kinda under construction and suuuper silent. Exactly what I needed for the first three nights. Longer might be a bit weird since most of the restaurants and bars are closed or have only limited opening times.

If you are looking for an accomodation, you have to decide whether you want to stay at the beach or a bit further away in the jungle. I stayed at Las Brisas, which is currently under construction and located directly at the beach. I was the only guest, and they welcomed me very warmhearted and almost like a family member. From the new building you can watch toucans, aras and other kinds of birds. A perfect choice for coming down a bit! Everything in the village is small and just some mimutes walk. Wooden houses, animals, palms – do you know what I mean with pirate feeling?

They organised also my activities: a tour to Corcovado National Park and a horse ride to the rainforest and the river. I will write an article about both of the activities, but they have been perfectly organised and I always felt well taken care of. I was also happy to see that my riding guide was really in love with her animals-complete contradiction of the horror stories of how they treat their horses.

There is a beautiful hike along the shore which leads you from one beach to the other. Just be aware that the time hints are not sooooo right. I walked it for 2,5 hrs per direction and there would bevso much more. The walk leads you through beautiful rainforest, hidden lodges and beaches. There were hardly any people except me.Just make sure to start your way back on time, since you won‘t get trapped in the dark with snakes and spiders in the darkness. Ah yes, and bring water. Lots of water!

At night, all of us backpacker girls met for dinner at one of th few operating restaurants, Delicias. In general, Drake Bay is not super cheap, I think that also comes from the exposed location. But the food, especially the fish and seafood I tried, was awesome. Take your time, enjoy a few beers and the atmosphere together with the locals.

A few things to mention about Drake Bay:

– you land there by boat, and jump off the little nutshells in the water. so long pants and closed shoes? noooo 😉

– most activities include boat rides. at any given weather. so if you have a sensitive stomach, you might take this into consideration

– always wear mosquito repellent: they will still bite you but at least not that badly

– bring cash: if dollars, also in small amounts, but be aware that there is no cash machine

– most of the rooms don‘t have walls and/or windows. so if you stay at the seashore, bring earplugs if you have troubles falling asleep with noise. If you stay at the jungle, be aware that you are at the jungle, which means checking beds, shoes and bags of scorpios, spiders and snakes still might be a good thing to do ;-)

– wet things don‘t dry due to the climate. so if you want to go hiking, functional, fast drying clothes definitely make sense!

– when hiking along the coast, wear rubber boots or water resistant shoes. flip flops are definitely not the right choice.

I loved it, but still was happy to move to another place. Is it worth going there? In my opinion: yes. Just wait for my blogpost about Corcovado 😉

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