Let’s go Pura Vida

Ok. After preparing myself for the trip I am starting right now, I was rather annoyed by this Pura Vida here and Pura Vida there. It sounds too touristic too be true. But in fact I want to talk about something different than the actual destination because there will be loads of Costa Rica stories anyways.

How do you feel when you leave your flat for a longer trip? Especially when you go to a far away destination like I do now? Happy? Curious? Afraid of what might happen?

I must admit, I always feel a little weird. It’s not so much that I actually don’t know what will wait for me (ok this time since I am going to South America for the first time maybe a little), it is more the strange feeling that you are leaving home and probably will be changed a bit when you return. It is this watching people doing their usual stuff while you ride the tram to catch a flight or train to the other end of the world. That for you a certain time of adventure and new experience is starting while lots of other people is living their usual routine.

Travelling always changes you. It’s the country, the people, the experiences, the happy times, the lonely hours, the scars from the rock that scratched your knee while snorkeling, the new tattoo you get and the goodbyes when you have to go home. Skydiving trips usually are full of emotions since I spend so much time with incredibly passionate people doing what they love. But for me, solo backpacking is the ultimate travel experience because some things might be similar, but basically you have to start from scratch every single time. And on your own. You will definitely be pushed out of your comfort zone several times and there won’t be someone to fight it through with you. But isn’t this something we are all looking for in our super safe and clean world?

So yes, looking forward to that trip. Leaving Austria on a sunny warm autumn day after this incredible summer full of skydiving and lots of work for something completly different is urgently needed. I feel like I need to slow down my pulse a lot and have some weeks where my mind is not constantly opening up new tabs. No business hotels, no thinking about grill courses for a while, no jump briefings, no daily routine. Can this be? Can things that you love so much get some kind of a burden? Well, I think as with everything an overdose is never good. I don’t want to miss it but a break from time to time is just as important to charge your batteries and to keep the balance.

I don’t know what waits for except a pretty long flight to begin with. But I am sure I will not regret packing my backpacks once again and just go. See you guys!

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