Gluten free, vegan garam masala chickpea pasta w/ homemade ice tea

Well, I guess that’s a lot of hipster words in one headline, right?

But in fact, this dish just “happened”. During the last weeks, due to my many short trips, I don’t really have time to decent plan my fridge or enjoy extended shopping rides to the farmer’s market. Therefore, I often also buy things I wouldn’t do normally, because the just look so nice in the supermarket. Not too clever, I know. And, I often have parts of the packages left over, since some of the groceries are packaged (instead of buying exactly the amount I need like on the market). Since I don’t want to throw away stuff, I love love love to improvise, like I did with this dish.

There is a broad range of vegan and gluten free pasta alternatives to common noodles. I personally prefer lentil or chickpea pasta, since they are also high in protein and have a decent own taste, that matches perfectly to vegetables or curries.

Today I wanted to make a little excursion to India due to heavy wanderlust – blah blah, this was basically, because I had an open box of coconut milk. And loads of different veggies, that hardly can be used for salad.

So, I took:

– 80gr of cooked chickpea pasta
– 1/2 red pepper, cut in cubes
– around 80 gr of zucchini, cut in quarter slices
– 3 big mushrooms
– 1 spring onion
– 1/4 avocado
– 1 shot of coconut milk
– 115 gr of cooked chickpeas (can)
– 1 spoon of garam masala powder (mine was from justspices)
– 1 spoon of coconut oil
– a bit of salt
– some broccoli sprouts

It’s rather simple: roast all the veggies except the avocado and the sprouts together in a pan. Since all of them were soft, I threw them all together and let them roast for about 5 mins, before I added the salt and the spices. 3 more mins in the pan, then add the coconut milk. let it reduce, if it gets to sticky, add a bit of water. In the end add the pasta, mix it and make sure, that the noodles catch the sauce.

Before serving (or eating haha), top it with avocado cubes and the sprouts. It takes 10 mins and you have an awesome meal. Faster than any microwave crap!

Homemade ice tea:
I’m a tea drinker, but in summer, warm drinks not always make you happy. In order to make homemade ice tea, which is really easy, you just need a few ingredients:
– tea: take whatever tea you like. I would recommend rather light teas, since you won’t drink all in one sip and it will rest for a while. I used herbal tea this time. Cook a large pot or jug and let it cool down a bit.
– ice: prepare some ice cubes to throw in before drinking/serving.
– juice: if you wish you can also add some fruit juice. This will also make it a bit sweeter.
– herbs, lemons, cucumbers…: yes, right.

When the tea is no longer super hot, mix the tea, the juice, the herbs, lemons, etc. all together and let it cool down in the fridge. Before serving, add the ice cubes. You need even more refreshment? Add some sparkling water for that extra fizzzzz…

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