Vegetarian tomato-beet-stew with feta

Beet are veggies that became so unattractive over the years, that even I hardly recognized them when I started visiting the farmer’s market on a regular base. But actually it is a very versatile vegetable and comes in many different variations. I personally prefer them in slow-cooked dishes, but I guess you could also a lot of other stuff with it too. Today I made a variation of one of my most favourite dishes, the tomato stew, with it.

For one person I took:
– 1 middle sized red onion, cut in smaller bites
– 1 half of a turnip, 2 yellow beets, cut in chunky bites
– 1 can of peeled tomatoes including the juice
– 2 tablespoons of tomato paste
– salt and spices
– 90 gr of feta in cubes
– 1 teaspoon of coconut oil

Heat up the coconut oil in a pot and throw in all the veggies. Let it roast for some minutes, but stir often, so nothing can stick or burn. Then, add the tomato paste and roast it too. In the end, add the can of tomatoes and stir well. Reduce the heat, put on a lid and let it wobble for about 15 mins. The beet should still be “al dente” if you know what I mean ;-)

When it comes to seasoning, you can have it as you wish. As usual, I wanted it spicy ;-) But you can also make it a bit Indian, Italian, or even oriental. I used garlic, salt and the “Turboscharfes Gewürz” by Just Spices (which contains different peppers and chili).

The most interesting and important thing happens, when the beet is soft: you stir in the feta cubes. Because then, the feta gets super soft and the crumbles moving from the big cubes will make the tomato sauce super creamy. And this ladies and gentlemen, makes this super simple dish amazing.

Actually, you can use all kinds of veggies for it. You can also throw in fish or meat. But this combination opens up your mind to the use of beet and is not too heavy. A perfect Sunday evening cuddle dish!

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