Mashed potato awesomeness

So after these slightly emotional posts it’s time for some food porn right?

Right now in Austria, I miss Spain. Every detail of this travel there. Because here, it is loads of work and loads of shit weather, and what helps keeping all the motivation up is: sports (indoors bruuuh), yoga, the wait for my new skydiving stuff and: FOOD. And by food I mean healthy soul food.

One of the best things to soothe your soul is in my opinion a bowl of home made mashed potatoes from time to time. You might think oh yes, but… boring, lots of work, lots of carbs and calories… Ok. Carbs? Might be. Calories? Depends. Lots of work – not necessarily, if you use a few hacks. And boring? Hell no…. So there we go.

The work dilemma
When you want to prepare mashed potatoes, you need to cook them (which will take a while), peel them while burning your fingers and mash them, which will all in all probably take an hour, depending on the amount you need. Ok, I cannot help you with the peeling thing. But if you peel them first, then cut them into small cubes and throw it into the steamer, they will be ready for mashing a lot faster. Usually my potatoes only take 10 mins to get soft. You can either take a manual masher or the mixing stick. I personally prefer to keep it sticky and not too creamy with a few bites left.

The calorie dilemma
The traditional mashed potatoes, at least in Austria, are usually mashed and then butter and milk is added. For me it doesn’t always need butter and milk, even though I sometimes add a shot. A few drops of olive or truffle oil add a nice taste and make it creamy, and even give it a special character together with the main dish. So now, you’re not necessarily shoveling in hundreds of calories.

The boredom dilemma
Mashed potatoes do not have to be boring. There is a lot of nice variations which open up awesome taste sensations. Here are a few of my favourites:

  • Add other veggies: celery or parsnip, for example. It will add a bit of spiciness to the potatoes. Also pumpkin, carrots or beetroot taste awesome, making it a bit sweet.
  • Vary with the milk. For example, coconut milk makes the dish a lot more interesting than normal milk. I love this when combining the potatoes with white fish or lamb.
  • Spice it up: you can use all kinds of spices or herbs. Even thai curry paste work. Also fresh herbs like parsley add an interesting note to it. Just always make sure to use enough salt, potatoes can take a little.
  • Cheese! Cheese is always nice. If you prepare something mediterranean, maybe add a bit of parmesan and basil. Ah, and dried tomatoes make a good companion. You can also grate some easy melting cheese over it and bake it in the oven (also a lovely dish to get rid of leftovers: stick bacon sticks into it, grate cheese over it and bake it heheh).
  • Top it baby: nuts, sprouts, a few drops of truffled oil, roasted onions…

And of course – feel free to combine all of these. So when do you have mashed potatoes for the next time? ;-)

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