Let’s start 2018

Last year I made this little practice for the first time, and when I look back on this post, I can be very proud and happy that everything worked out so well. And since I think it definitely makes sense to sit down and make up my mind to some questions, I will do it again this year. My work goals are already fixed, but there is a little bit more to think of.

What I did well the last year
I think -and this was also the feedback of my boss- I did a good job at work in the last 12 months. And even though the workload was huge, I set the priorities and also took the time for me, my personal progress and the people, that are important in my life.

What made me the happiest
Besides actually my job and the amazing people there, it is basically four things.
– Traveling: either for job or private reasons, I had so many happy moments in all the different countries. Whenever I sat in a plane, on a train or in my car, I had this happy feeling in my heart, that I feel at home in the world.
– Friendship: I have amazing friends. They pushed me even further, believed in me and were there for me in so many different ways. And the best thing was, that I found a friend out of a truly shitty situation, which proved, that there is something good in almost everything, as long as your learn from it and people are honest.
– Skydiving: Even after so many years and jumps, the feeling I get when jumping from that edge of a plane, zooming around in the skies is still what charges my batteries. And if I work with students, I can even give away a bit from my passion, which is something that I love as much as jumping for myself.
– Yoga: I finally started with regular yoga and due to this wonderful yoga teacher in my life, it is not only a physical practice, but also led to a huge impact to my life. I am more capable to focus, concentrate, relax and see the bigger context than ever before. I am able to be calm in situations that have been super scary for me before. I am able to admit insecurities (well at least sometimes), failures and to take care of me. This includes saying no, and it includes focusing on the important people instead of wasting energy on toxic ones. Yoga makes me feel physically better and makes my heart happy and cheering. Planning is something important, but I also can enjoy the moment better than before. I feel enough and this doesn’t stop me, but motivates me to always improve. Namaste!

What made me fail
Actually, I wanted to take part in some sporty competitions, but since I didn’t set up a real goal, I was too lazy. Not good, not good.

What I regret
As usual I would like to say that I don’t regret anything. But of course there are always at least tiny aspects that might be regrettable. And in my case, this was a short time with a person, that was definitely not good for me. So I would say, I wasted time with him and he kept me from performing in my best way at my job at a time, where I should have been really perfect.

What I learned
I started the new job, that really makes me happy. And it often was more than challenging with all the new informations and the new business. But instead of playing it cool, I learned to seek for help and learned from mistakes. This was always something that was very difficult for me and now I think I am on a good way.
And I learned to trust my intuition. I always had this, but also often neglected to trust in it. Together with my yoga practice and my personal progress, I learned to trust it more often. Things fall into place if you let them.

What about my goals
Looking back on my goals of last years, which actually have been pretty vague, I must say, I did well. I got a lot of good feedback for my job performance, and finally, after searching for so long, I feel at home now in a company.  My job is not only a job, it is a passion and fun part of my life. I can’t say what will happen, since there is always a lot of changes in the company, but in general I can say, that I found a place which makes me very happy now. And I am up for whatever challenges will wait.
Also, my travel goal was reached, as I went to Bali. This inspiring country influences me still until now, and I think it will for a long time. It was the right choice to go there and to trust my intuition concerning sticking to the plan despite the insecure conditions of Mt. Agung.

What I should do more often
Last year I said, I wanted to seek the silence more often. Well, due to Yoga and all the connected practice, this worked out pretty well. This year I should definitely be spontaneous more often. Even though I try to do that, I too often give up because of the “but what if…” or the “gnah, isn’t that…” – fuck it. Life is too short for those thoughts and self-made limits. And yes, I should probably keep pushing me to get out of my comfort zone ;-)

What should I stop
My let’s call it “bad habits” from last years improved a lot. A huuuuuuge lot I would say. What I should still stop is having too high expectations to myself and allow me the one or another weakness in order not to be disappointed afterwards.

What are my goals for 2018
As mentioned before, my work goals are already set. I will give my best to seize all the chances I get and fulfill the expectations from my bosses and myself too.
On the private side, I want to finally get my AFF teacher rating. I’ve been thinking so much about it during the last years, that I finally should get that shit done ^^And I need another challenge in skydiving.
I also want to improve my language skills in French and Spanish. I realized, that it just needs a bit of practice and I could also really need it for work. So let’s do this!
Traveling will still be an important part, so I am not afraid that my wanderlust will fade and I will stay at home ;-)
I just started journaling again, because I always did it as a kid and teenager and realized, that it was really good for me. And especially because I’m such an overthinking person, it might be a good idea to start it again. Sometimes my head feels like it explodes because of all the things I think through and it calms my soul, when I can sort my thoughts with a pen on paper.
I also want to plan certain parts in my life better. Of course, I said that things fall into place. But this is like a landing approach in skydiving. As long as you have a plan or what we call pattern, we can adapt to changes or difficult situations better and safer. So another thing where life is so similar to that sport I love.

This year will be amazing. I’m sure. My intuition is usually right and it tells me to be open, positive and mindful, so all the things that I am working on are working out. I was asked on new year’s eve, when I was wearing my jacket, if I actually follow my dream. Well, a long time I didn’t really know what my dream was. But now I know, that this mix of a great job and pursuing my passions is definitely my dream. Life is good. So let’s be grateful and make the best out of it!


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