Home is… where?

Attention, due to heavy post boogie depression it’s now getting thoughtful and maybe a bit pathetic ;-)

After another wonderful trip (in this case to sunny Seville for the Christmas boogie) I’m on my way home. It was a wonderful time with extraordinary people and a lot of talks and exchange. So when I was sitting at Seville airport, I started thinking, what home is actually for me.

Some people say: home is where the heart is. Well, in my case this is only partly true. I don’t have a big family, I don’t have a relationship, I don’t have a house or something else that would reason deep roots in Austria. Still, for years and years, I never could imagine to live somewhere else longer than maybe half a year.

But this has changed. I would still consider me as Austrian. I cannot deny that in many points I am truly red-white-red, and yes, I love Austria as a country.  You know, I still was raised here! But I can’t identify with some of the attributes here anymore. Even though I still live in Austria and actually even in my hometown, I feel more at home in the world now. Due to all the travels for business and private adventures as well as the international work and skydiving environment, it is sometimes harder for me to get home than to go away. Distance has become so relative to me. In my mind it has become completely normal to drive several hours or hop into a plane to see my quality people. That most of the couples I know come from different countries and manage distance, that taking this three hour flight for another 300 Euros to hug a special person is more important than a shopping walk on Saturday, because time is more important than money. That sharing and following passions with the right people as well as hard work instead of complaining and waiting is the only recipe for a truly happy life.

And yes, I took me a while to find out all of this. Maybe it also was a personal progress. We all are products of our environment, and since I was educated in a pretty “serious” mindset, it’s not always easy for me to get rid of my self-made limits. For a long time I somehow always found one factor why it won’t worked out 100%, until I finally started the uncomfortable trip of challenging and questioning myself. It was worth it and still goes on every day.

While I was restless for so many years and somehow didn’t know why, I am now way happier than ever. It might look like a big contradiction, but for me (and that means that this hasn’t apply to other people too) the knowledge, that finding “my place” and reaching my goals is not restricted to a certain place (because obviously this didn’t work out too well in the first 30 years of my life ^^), is very calming.

A few days ago, a person that is thinking about those things a lot too, asked me if I would move to another country. I didn’t hesitate a minute to answer deep from my heart: if there is a good reason for it, of course. While a few years ago I was scared as fuck from the idea to start living somewhere else (admitting this was probably the first big thing), this seems absolutely normal for me now (ok, with this certain amount of planning I always need to soothe the little “but what if”- voice inside me). As long as my intuition and guts tell me go for it girl, whether it is for a job, a relationship or maybe one day a trip around the world, I’m in.

So, yeah home. When there is one place where I for sure belong to, it is the sky and the air. But it’s a bit hard to work there or wash your dirty laundry ;-)  I’d rather call the place I am traveling to now “homebase”. The place where I am based now. The year has just started and my guts tell me it’s gonna be another life changer. Nobody knows what it will be like exactly in 365 days. Now it’s time to define new goals and work on it. It’s time to work out new ideas. To seize the chances, to meet the people that say why not instead of why.

I wish you all a happy new year and also that you find out what home is for you personally. And I think this older post might fit pretty well, so maybe take a look before you write down your new year’s resolutions: Some thoughts about life and death


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