Sending some love

Well it was a little bit silent here in the last weeks, but it was a busy time before Christmas. Now finally the days are here and I enjoy some silence before it’s time to visit the family. And then flying off to Sunny Seville.

For several years now I added a little tradition to my christmas list. I usually bake vanilla crescents. It is a typical type of Christmas cookie here in Austria and they look like a little moon. I have a great recipe for them and love to bake them in a pre-christmas session with music, hot chocolate and good mood. Then I place them in a big cookie box and let them rest a while. During these days I think about the last year and about the people that played a role. I select a few of them (sometimes I need to find out their addresses too ^^) and send them a little box with some of the crescents. I bekame a real pro in sending them wrapped up in masses of paper so they won’t break :-D

So why do I do this? Those few cookies don’t even have a special worth. It’s more that I invested a little time and some thoughts. I always select those who have taken an important part in my last twelve months or who have had a tough time. I want to say thank you or remind them that they are not alone. I hope to make them smile for a minute and enjoy a few sweet bites.

This might sound old-fashioned. But hey, in a time where money and presents have often become the most important part of Christmas and where we brag around with them on Instagram and Facebook, it might be a nice idea to stop this madness for some moments of oldschoolness ;-)

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