Chicken liver with celery mousse and fried radicchio

It is a shame, that most people only eat the same parts of meat all the time. Most of the killed animal gets thrown away nowadays.
This comes from not knowing how to prepare not so common parts, but even more from the idea that they won’t like it anyways. Refusing to even try it is a shame and for me a lack of respect for the killed animal as well as a sign for ignorance. I just can tell you, when you try new stuff from time to time, you will find so much more to eat and to enrich your menu. Sometimes you need to try it a few times or from a good cook. But believe me, it’s not only the fillet that makes your tummy happy :-)

So today I bought organic chicken liver and created this lovely autumn meal together with radicchio and celery.

You need (1PAX):
1/2 of a small celery
2 small or 1 big potato
1/2 of a small radicchio
150 gr of chicken liver
salt, pepper, herbs
a bit of fat (oil, butter…)
a few pumpkin seeds
1 cup of vegetable soup
juice of 1/2 lime

Start with the mousse. Peel the potatoes and the celery and cut it into small cubes. Roast it for a few minutes in a bit of fat and then add the vegetable soup. Let it boil so that the cubes get soft.
In the meantime clean the liver and dry it with some kitchen paper. Heat up the rest of the fat and start roasting the liver on high heat. Add salt and pepper and let it fry a few minutes. It takes about 10 mins to finish it.
While the liver is roasting, your can use a blender to make a puree out of the celery and potatoes. If there is some liquid left, take them out first. Stir in the pumpkin seed and herbs. I chose the “Skandinavian Mix” from Just Spices – but except this, you can also take a bit of salt, pepper, garlic and muscat. The potato will make it creamy, so you won’t need butter. Of course you can add some if you want ;-)
Cut the raddicchio in stripes, take out the liver from the pan and roast the salad in there. Just a few minutes, so it gets soft and looses some of it’s bitterness. Add the lime juice, believe me, it will create a taste sensation!
And you are ready to prepare: Place the liver on the radicchio next to the mousse. I also added a few drops of balsamic reduction on the liver, since I love that sweet taste on it.

Of course those veggies work also with “normal” meat – but the interesting taste of the liver combined with the earthy taste of the veggies is something that fits perfectly to a grey November day. Just try and enjoy :-)


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