Lukewarm Asian salad w/ steak topping (and vegan variations)

Yesterday we had a little event at work, where -as usual- some things were left over. There were these perfectly grilled steaks, but nobody wanted to take grilled ones at home. I couldn’t leave those poor dudes in the fridge, so I made a classic leftover-bowl: a lukewarm Asian salad and topped it with the steak.

This salad itself is vegan and depending on the toppings it also stays like that ;-) I used the meat, but other ideas to include some proteins are
– tofu
– tempeh
– more nuts
– lentils or chickpeas
– fried soy
– vegetarian: poached egg
– vegetarian: grill cheese

So let’s don’t talk too much about the toppings, let’s prepare the salad. For one person as a nice little dinner I took:
– 1 hand of soy or mungo sprouts (fresh, not the slobby ones from the glasses)
– 1 hand of sugar pods (fresh)
– 1/2 avocado
– a few tiny radishes I also found in my fridge
– 1 middle-sized onion spring
– 1 thai chili (fresh)
– some cilantro and basil
– 2 table spoons of peanuts (I’m not patient enough to peel them, so I took roasted ones)

We need a vinaigrette, so there we go:
– 1 table spoon of this awesome spice mix (but you can also mix salt, pepper, sesame, bit of garlic, dried cilantro, chili powder)
– the juice of one lime
– an espresso spoon of honey (or agave juice)
– around 1,5 table spoons of peanut oil (sesame works fine too)
– a tiny shot of water
Mix all these ingredients and let it rest for a little while. Be careful with salt, when you use roasted peanuts.

Let’s prepare the salad. Heat a little bit of coconut oil in a pan, while you wash the sprouts and pods. Throw them in and let them roast for a few minutes to make them softer, but do not salt them. In the meantime cut the radishes and the onion, as well as the chili (but in veeeery tiny bits since it is mega hot). Put them into a bowl, add the sprouts, the herbs and the pods and mix it with the vinaigrette. The warm veggies will heat up the sauce and all the flavours will expand and mix perfectly with the herbs. It can rest while you cut the toppings and the avocado.

Place the avocado and the steak (or whatever you take) on the salad and in the end just add the nuts. The great thing about it are the different tastes, temperatures and textures. I also drizzled a bit of peanut creme on top.
For non-vegetarian variations I would recommend tuna filet, chicken or shrimps. And you can definitely use cashews (but since I always have them, I wanted something else ^^).

The salad is not only rich in flavour, but also in nutrients. If you want some carbs, I would place the hole salad on some cold rice (I fell in love with cold rice in Bali, especially the red one).

You see, with a few ingredients (many of them might be already in your kitchen), you can make awesome food out of leftovers. It would have been such a shame to throw away a high class piece of steak. Ahm yes, and to eat a noodle soup instead of this great dish too ;-)

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