Boom: Banana-Coconut-Cocoa smoothie bowl (vegan)

I know these smoothiebowlthingies are super fancy and hipster at the moment. But hey – first, they are really great because you can literally get rid of all fruits in your fridge easily and tasty and second they are fun to prepare and to eat. And third -and very important to me- they bring me back the sweet memories of Bali, where you got them everywhere.

Fruits are limited in Austria right now, so I mainly stick to frozen fruit and bananas. Today I tried out a new version because I had coconut milk left and since it was so damn good, I wanted to share the “recipe” with you. It is -take a deep breath- banana-coconut-cocoa and really tastes like mousse au chocolat for breakfast. I am in love! (Please excuse the crappy pic, I was too excited to share it with you that I only took my Iphone.)

I took:

  • 1,5 big frozen bananas in pieces
  • 1 good shot of coconut milk
  • 2 tablespoons of water
  • 2 tea spoons of unsugared cocoa
  • 2 tablespoons of grated coconut
  • topping: rest of banana, granola, nuts, berries, coconut, cocoa nibs

Basically it is super easy. Blend the frozen bananas with the coconut milk and the coconut. If it gets too thick for your taste add a bit of water (coconut water is even better) and add the cocoa. Blend it again (if your blender is too weak for frozen bananas, put them into the microwave for 20 secs to make them a bit soft) and pour it the smoothie puree into the bowl. For the topping you literally can choose whatever you like. I loved the dried berries, because they are a bit sour and form a nice contrast to the sweet banana. Granola and cocoa nibs make it crunchy and coconut is always good.

Variation: to make it a bit nutty, choose grated hazelnuts and almond milk instead of coconut.

Other topping ideas:
– grapes
– chia seeds
– popped quinoa
– other seeds
– all kind of fresh berries
– juicy fruit like kiwi
– apple bits

Be creative! Whatever you like, try it! I usually have rather sour and juicy smoothies in my bowls, but this one is like an amazing chocolate treat right in the morning. What a start into the day!

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