Jati Bungalows on Nusa Penida

When it comes to accomodation on Nusa Penida, it is a good thing to book in advance. First of all, even though there is heavy construction going on (which might also lead to more tourism on that last paradise), there are not too many places you want to stay. Second, if you don’t want too much hassle after arrival, it’s a good thing to organise a place to sleep beforehand, because many of the accomodations send drivers to pick up the people.

I stayed at Jati Bungalows, which is an absolute recommendation of mine. You want to know why? Well here we go.

First of all: the location. It’s located a little bit hidden from the main street 500 m away from the beach and harbour, right in the middle of the village of Topah Kapeh. So you don’t even need a driver! Be aware that Nusa Penida is an islamic island. That means that you might be probable woken up by the call for the morning prayer. Just that you know ;-)

Second, the lovely owner Jackie is super helpful. She organised my fast boat, she helped me with the snorkeling, she offered me the opportunity of a scooter driver to show me the island (again, a detailed report will follow) and she had a scooter for me, when I wanted to discover the island on my own. All for a good price and without any hassle for me. She is always up for a talk and knows many things about Bali and the island, because she is well connected to all kinds of people.

So far, so good. But there is more to say about this special locations. The bungalows itself have been carried from Java to Nusa Penida (in parts, of course) and rebuilt for living purposes. The bathrooms are outdoor baths, something I’ve never had before. Some people might say the rooms are dark, but I loved the sensations of the dark, warm wood. Every bungalow has a veranda with a look into the lovely garden.

In this garden everything blooms and is used for good things. Plants grow in upcycled plasic bottles, former street dogs run around and cuddle (my favourite fella was Batman), because Jackie is not also the owner of well booked beds, but also committed dog saver and actively taking part in the street dog rescue community. She offers you the possibility to refill your water bottles for a little amount of money and motivates every guest to think sustainably and responsibly. Which is thanks god a positive movement in Bali, but definitely will need some time to be widely accepted.

So yes, I was lucky to find that place. I had no recommendation, but rather just stumbled over it. Besides the mentioned things, I really also liked that you can decide where to fill your stomache in a lot of lovely warungs around. Nothing is far away and reachable by feet (unless you want to visit the next villages). You should definitely stop by ;-)

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