It’s the day – leaving for Bali!

So here I am – sitting in the train to Vienna Airport, ready to go. Am I really? Somehow I can’t believe that I really do this now. The last week was extremely busy, I spent a weekend with skydiving in Tyrol (because I love that place so much and definitely had to seize the wonderful warm weather) and just arrived from two days in the German HQ yesterday. Bäm! Almost too fast to realize that it’s taking place.

I am lucky that my flight is taking off late at night – not only because my jetlag hopefully won’t be too bad, but also because I had time to finish packing and stuff like that ;-)

So yes, obviously it’s time for a new adventure. I am really looking forward to it and was really excited last week about it,  but at the same time, right now, I think I just have to “arrive” in vacation mode a little bit more. It always feels super strange to close the flat door and leave with the backpack – somehow like a different dimension or parallel universe. Traveling changes you everytime, so I am really curious how this one influences me. Since I travel solo, I sometimes have the feeling that the journey around the globe is also a journey to me and myself. It sometimes gets very intense and you feel some of the experiences even deeper as you might experience it with a travel partner. And of course, due to my plan to get a great new tattoo, there will be also a visible change when I climb the plane back home.

Two hours in the train, the getting rid of my backpack and then patiently waiting for leaving on a jetplane. Let’s do this!


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