Dress for success (on long distance flights)

So let’s talk a bit about how you can look nice (or let’s say acceptable) and feel good when taking a long distance flight. Especially when you are backpacking and therefore have to assort your luggage carefully, and in my case when you travel at a time when the temperatures at home can be about 30 degrees lower than at your travel destination, it’s not always easy. And since I probably won’t have anyone picking me up at the airport by car when I return beginning of November and have to ride the train home for 2 hrs, I have to be prepared.

Wear that bulky stuff!
When you start your travel, it is a good idea to wear bulky stuff like hiking shoes, hoodies, jackets and so on on the plane. They won’t take any space in your luggage and since you will never know how’s the weather will be at your destination, be rather safe than sorry, and wear waterproof shoes. I also pack my Goretex jacket into my day backpack. It is a thin one with rather low packing volume, and it is very helpful for hiking and rainy days. Ok, I didn’t bring it to Israel last year, because no, there won’t be cold and heavy rain there in that country ;-) And having it in the day pack, you can again save space in the main backpack.

Layering is the thing
Planes are cold. We all know that. In order to be prepared for winterly feels in the cabin as well as for Bali’s current 34 degrees, I will wear several layers of tops and long sleeves as well as I will bring a hoody-jacket.

Beanie, scarf and socks
I also always, and I really mean always, have a beanie hat with me to avoid a headache due to cold air con from above. I can also use this whenever it is windy or cold during my trip because it is not really warm, but helps a lot against against stormy winds or and cold drafts. The scarf is needed anyways for any kind of temple sight seeing, churches and other holy areas. In the plane I can warm my neck, use it as pillow and in case that some airlines decide to skip the blankets, I can use it as a blanket too.
I prefer to wear shoes which are easy to slip on and off in the aircraft, because when I roll up in my seat, I usually take them off or slip out of them a bit. These shoes are also more comfortable when your feet swell a little! So yes of course, I wear socks. I think it is pretty disgusting to put bare feet somewhere were other people will get in touch with it. And yes, I always, always wear shoes when walking around in the cabin. Especially the toilet is never a clean area and no, I don’t even want to image what will stick to my soles otherwise.

What else?
I personally recommend to avoid jeans since I don’t really feel super comfy when sitting for a long time. During flying I feel that my body gets bloated, so I usually wear stretchy cotton clothes with longer tops. I hate the feeling that some parts of my naked back or belly get exposed, so I really love tshirts with a longer, baggy cut. I always prefer rather bringing too many clothes to the flight instead of freezing all the time. I also love to wear yoga bras, they are soft, the straps won’t slip down your shoulders all the time. And to be honest, yes, I definitely recommend rather unsexy, soft cotton panties, you will definitely be grateful for enjoy sitting around without that uncomfortable lace thong IN your butt :-D

And – Tadaa, my goddamn sexy outfit for 17hrs of flight time and several more of hanging on different aiports!
As far as I know now, I will wear soft cotton leggings with a longer tshirt and a longsleve. When leaving Austria, it will probably be enough to wear the mentioned hoody-vest, which is super cosy when cuddling up. As I want to go hiking too, I will wear my Salomon Goretex Crossmax shoes and bring my Goretex jacket in my backpack. A thin jersey beanie hat, a scarf. That should be a good combination for all kinds of weather and will help me save space in the backpack. And to be honest – sometimes, form follows definitely funktion, right?

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