Don’t forget: Todos before your (solo) trip

So it’s more or less the last week before my trip and since I will spend my weekend in Tyrol and then have to go on a business trip the two days before I leave, I have to take care of the ultimate last todos before my trip, which are even more important, when you travel alone (and therefore also have to a bit extra careful as well as you don’t have anyone who reminds you of those things). Of course, these preparations always depend on where you go – but in my case, I just want to be on the safe side when I fly to the other end of the world. For me this includes the following things:

1.) Travel registration
It is often (depending on the destination) to register at your foreign affairs ministry so that they know in case of an incident, who is in which country. This includes leaving a contact in your home country so that they can inform someone who knows you first hand if anything happens.

2.) Mailbox
It’s not good if your mailbox is super full. On the one hand, some letters might get lost, and on the other hand, it is very obvious for not so nice people that they have all the time they need to rob you when nobody is taking care of your mailbox. Since my friend who always took care of this moved away and I don’t want anybody from farer away to have stress with my mailbox, I ordered a travel box at the post office. Which means, that all my mail gets stored there and is waiting for me when I come home.

3.) Medication
Check your travel meds. I am in the lucky position of a doctor brother, who is giving me advise about those kind of things. But you can always visit your family doctor and ask what it is necessary and makes sense. And if you already have stuff at home, then check the expiry dates. Ah and btw, if you forget any vaccinations – this might be to late, because most of them need a few months of planning, because they consist of several shots in a certain time ;-)

4.) Money
I usually get my local money at the ATM. But it is always good to bring some other money, just for the caste. I usually bring 100 Euros and/or 100 Dollars and hide the money somewhere in my luggage. I have some special tricks to hide them and it’s always good to know that you are prepared, even all your cards and stuff has been stolen. Or lost. But be aware that not every bank has all the different currencies on stock, so check it before if you have to order the extra money.

5.) Washing
This might sounds super easy, but don’t underestimate the washing efforts. I usually write packing lists (oh yes I’m oldschool), and start washing early enough. And a little trick – always wash the dark colors at last, because if you forget something colorful before and really really want to bring it, it’s the easiest way to throw it into the black laundry ;-)

6.) Printing
In times of digital versions of everything it is still a good idea to print out the most important documents. Because: you never know! And it’s also clever to store copies of all cards, travel documents and stuff like that somewhere in a dropbox or cloud.

7.) Plug adapters
It is a pain in the ass when you need to charge your devices but can’t because of the different plug types in this world. So always check in advance. Usually you can get these plugs really easily at your destination, but it always reduces stress when you can be sure that you can charge your phone when you need Google maps to find your way to your hotel ;-)

In my case, I already crossed some of those points off the list. Good feeling of self-organisation ;-) And if you want more extra tips for nice little travel buddies, see  here 


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