Last but not least into August

Again I am late. And I would really like to say that it’s because my days are busy, but even though this is true, there is another reason for it. I just had to sort some things in my mind and take care of me and some special friends first before I wanted to invest time to write a review about a very busy month with some weird plot changes. I just needed some time off.

At work, it was rather calm (for Weber conditions). The season is running, and even though we have to prepare a lot for the next year, you can feel the holiday months. Almost everyone is out the one or the other week. I had a few business trip days and this will continue next month. But it’s good to finally set up new things or erase some things from the todo list.

I attended the final version of the Deutsches Freefly Festival. It was sad that it was the last of it’s kind since it was one of the greatest boogies ever. Every year, even if it was a tough and rough time, it gave me days of happiness with lovely and great people. It was one of the constant things and it will be missed heavily. It was more than a boogie. And the strangest thing was, that this year, we couldn’t say “ok we’ll see each other next year at the latest!” At the beginning of the month I also spent some time in the mountains at the Radikale Boogie, some soul flying, Austrian food, beer and relaxing. Good times!

I visited a smaller high quality music festival in Linz, actually mainly because of the headliners Arcade Fire. It was amazing. It was a hot summer night, and right when they started playing you could see the sun set behind the stage, it was warm, we had cold beer, we danced… This is how summer should be!

What made this month a bit challenging for me was actually my private life. It got a bit… let’s say chaotic. I won’t go into detail, but some absolutely crazy things happened, believe me. There was a lot running through my mind. You know such periods… And right in the moment when I thought, okaaaaay it gets more relaxed – a real big bang happened. Or let’s say it was rather a huuuuuge wtf. I had a big flashback and some déja vus, and I must admit, this also brought me into a situation where some things from the past popped up and made my brain run wild – not in a good way though. But there was also a good thing about this. I met a wonderful lady, who didn’t want to let me run into the mess even more (which is something stupid girls often do), but instead talked frankly and I am really happy to have met her and know all that stuff now. I think this is the start of a friendship and so once again: there is something good in everything. And it’s great to see that there are still people that take care of others as well as they take care of themselves.

So August…. it already has started with sun sun sun and heat, but now we have a little cooler summer break with huge thunderstorms and even floods in the mountain areas. I hope to get two days off next week to go to Klatovy for a long weekend – I would really need some days at this power place to relax. There will be a lot of things to do and places to travel to later on, so yeah, a little break might be important. Because it’s still more than 2 months until Bali… On Tuesday, a national holiday in Austria, I will be load organizer for our beginners, I think it will be great fun. I also had some wonderful jumps with students and beginners, it’s so nice to watch them proofing what they already can do and fly with them.

So yes, even I feel a bit exhausted and appreciate the rain break a lot in order to come down a bit und sort my mind, and because of this might sound a bit depressed – I can assure you I’m not and really looking forward to the next weeks :-)


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