Lemon marinated chicken kebabs (BBQ) with veggies

Another recipe I tried last time with my friends were the chicken kebabs. At work, we love to make skewers, because the look nice, taste good and can be grilled in various ways.

If you have a grill a skewer rack system to grill the meat on indirect heat, you can also use this for it. I made it direct, since everyone was hungry and I only had a small grill.

I made it as snack in between, but if you want to feed two people with a full dish, you could use a bit more veggies and stick to the amount of meat.

  • 2 chicken breasts
  • olive oil, garlic, a tablespoon of honey, juice of one lemon, salt, if you wish chili flakes
  • soft veggies like: zucchini, eggplant, pumpkin, onions, mushrooms…
  • skewers (bamboo or metal)

Cut the chicken breasts into stripes. Mix the oil, the lemon juice, honey, salt, garlic and chili flakes and put the strips into that sauce. Let it rest in the fridge for at least an our, stir sometimes (or if you use a plastic box, you can simply shake the box). Before grilling, make little “waves” and pin it onto the skewers.

Cut the veggies in big chunky bites and drizzle some oil onto it. If you wish, you can also season it with spices or herbs, and you should add a bit of salt. Prepare everything and heat up the grill.

I used rather high heat to roast the chicken for some minutes and then reduced the heat. I added the veggies and of course, always close the lid! You should move the veggies from time to time, unless you use a vegetable basket, otherwise it will stick or burn. Turn the skewers 4 times when grilling directly, so every side gets some color. It will take about 10 mins until everything is ready.

If you want some kind of topping, I would suggest: guacamole, greek yoghurt dip or tahini. I made a nice yoghurt dip out of 200 mls of greek yoghurt, salt, garlic and seasonal herbs. If you want some kind of side dish, I suggest crusty white bread, warm flatbread or potato wedges. Summer food deluxe!

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