Mediterranean beef burgers with corn and sweet potato fries

Last weekend we had a little come together at a friend’s place and so I brought my Weber Q gasgrill and made BBQ. I just wanted to spoil the hosts a bit since they have a small baby and still always invite me or others. One of the dishes I made were little mediterranean burgers with easy corn on the cob and sweet potato fries.

For us four I took 400 grams of minced beef (which in fact was a bit too much since it wasn’t a main dish and we had so much other food), two large sweet potato fries and 3 corns on the cob (also too much). If you want to make this for a whole meal, take a little bit more.

Additionally I took:
– 1 big ciabatta bred from my favourite baker
– 1/2 package of ready made Tsatsiki (I took the one I always have with little ingredients, since I was too lazy to mix Greek yogurt, cucumbers, garlic and salt ^^)
– 1 thin slice of Halloumi per burger

The burgers:
Mix the minced meat with salt and mediterranean herbs. I took the “Italian Allrounder” by Just Spices and you definitely should use your hands for mixing.

For best shaped burgers patties the investment into a burger press is worth it. I took the mini burger press from my company and made 6 burgers out of the 400 grams of meat (one of them was a bit small though). In my opinion you shouldn’t add any egg to plain beef, so I pressed the burgers and then cooled it in the fridge for about 2-3 hours. Why? The minced meat gets warm while preparing and especially in your hands, so the proteins break up and so the meat won’t stick together. What will happen is that you have bolognese on your grill or in your pan, just without tomatos ;-) Because of the cooling, the proteins will also cool down and the patty mass will stick together.

The fries:
Cut the fries into sticks, they shouldn’t be too thick (it will take hours to get them done), but also not too small when you don’t use any kind of basket (just as I did) – otherwise the sticks will easily fall through the grate. I just added a few drops of olive oil and the Sweet Potato mix from Just Spices. Actually, you can season it as you wish, garlic, cumin, peppers, chilis, salt.. be brave and try out! And yes, if you prefer slices or chips-just do it!

The corn:
Cut the corn into halves and remove the skin (you can also buy the pre-cooked one, but I love the fresh raw ones!). If you want, you can add a bit of butter after they are done, but we didn’t.

So let’s get it all together:
At first, heat up your grill to middle heat. Not too cool though, because otherwise the fries will take endless time and the burgers are rather cooked than grilled.
At first, place the fries on the grill and close the lid. It doesn’t matter which kind of grill you have, but closing the lid will lead to a oven like atmosphere in there and the food will be finished earlier and won’t get dry.
Don’t forget to move them around often, otherwise they will burn. After they’ve gotten color, put them a bit aside and place the corn on the grill (if you have a direct and an indirect zone, this would be the time to move the fries to indirect and the corn on direct). I cut the whole cob into halves, because it was sufficient as a side dish. Close the lid, but be careful and move the corn from time to time. The corn will take about 10 mins, the fries 15-20.
Once it gets a bit of it’s typical yellow color, also put the burgers on the grill. Close the lid and let them celebrate a little roasting party inside. Turn them once, ideally, when you start to see a bit of liquid on the top side of it. If you want them medium, you can take it off a bit earlier, mine took around 7 -10 mins until we took them off the grate.
The last thing you put on the grill is the Halloumi. No worries if it sticks a bit, because it always does. Be careful and turn it often, in order to still have white cheese and not charcoal ;-) 5 mins when the grill is really hot will be sufficient if you really use thin slices.

A little bit of construction:
Take the bread and cut it into the amount of buns you need. You can also take real burger buns, but I love bread crust and so I chose Ciabatta. Cut it into halves like a burger bun and place the meat on the lower part. Then the slice of Halloumi and on top before the other bread half, add a table spoon of Tsatsiki. Use wooden skewers to hold it all together and make it easier to eat.

You can of course add other ingredients too, like a slice of tomato, ruccola or pesto. If you want to stick your fries into some kind of sauce, I’d recommend sour cream or guacamole.

Actually, that’s it. I placed it on a wooden plate and brought it to the table. It looks mouth watering and everyone can eat as much as they wish. In company with fresh lemon water, a good glass of wine or a cold beer this is the perfect quick summer BBQ food!


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