June is over and July is on the way

Outside the rain of a thunderstorm is nurturing the thirsty plants and I am relaxing on the couch after a nice and cosy weekend. It’s really summer and life is running wild.

Ok it’s the 9th of July already, but this is not the only reason why it feels definitely more than 5 weeks when I look back. There was so much going on, so much traveling and many experiences that made this so exciting.

It was the month of the first summer boogies, I attended the Freefly Fest anniversary in Saulgau, I zoomed around at our miniboogie in Suben with load organizer Kiwi and I was again in beautiful Niederöblarn for the Radikale Boogie. We had good jumps, good times and it was good to meet the guys after the wintertime again.

I visited a special friend for his birthday party in Hamburg (before this G20 craziness started) and it was so nice to finally return to that beautiful city. Many gin tonics, good talks and strolling around. The trip was more than welcome, since it was cooler up there and I could flee from the hot temperatures even during in the night.

I also had a lot of day trips for business. Which was rather exhausting due to the insane heat we had for a few weeks already. We are already preparing the next season and I had some huge learnings during the last months.

I must admit, that I had the one or another week where I didn’t do as much sport as I am usually, but it was sometimes simply too hot (my body seems to struggle in adapting to the temperature this year) and also the loads of time on the road held me from really finding a good schedule. I even had to skip two of my beloved Yoga lessons, but at least started to practice more at home (which is not the same though). I attended two outdoor sessions already and find out more about the different styles and how I can integrate it in my life.

Cooking and food was also a little up and down. I had almost no time to go the market, I really had to squeeze in grocery shopping, so I feel like I have a lot to improve now. Which is a great motivation to start creative cooking and grilling again :-)

It was also the month of my birthday, which was absolutely relaxed this year. Just working and dinner with grandma, but many wishes and calls and messages and talks, and it was just very perfect. I didn’t have a party, but this was absolutely alright. I’m getting old, right ;-) But not forcing myself to things I actually don’t like to do at the moment is an important thing I learned. Taking care of myself has become easier and feels more “normal” now, and since I am more happy with myself now, I also can spread good feelings around me.

Since it is summer now, we try to seize the warm evenings. BBQ parties, summer cinema above the roofs of Linz and nice drinks outside. One of my best friend will move to Tyrol within the next three weeks, so we have to seize the last weeks to spend easy time together.

It sounds like it was a good month, right? Well, actually it was. But life one again proofed one thing: be grateful, seize the moments and set priorities. I got very good news last Monday, those news that make you happy and smile. Just two days later I was informed that another great skydiver I knew personally right from my start in this sport had died in a base accident. After the bad news of another skydiver I knew and his bad accident earlier this month (even if he is at least alive and struggling to survive it) this made my heart very heavy. You learn to live with these things, but the feeling when somebody tells you that we just have lost another awesome flying human is always cruel and sad.

So in order to collect the moments and memories of my life, I started a little project. When I was in Hamburg, I bought a special diary. This diary has one page for each date of the year, and on each page, there are 5 parts. The idea is to write down some memory points each day and this 5 years in a row. Like this “on this day” thing on facebook, you know? I think this is a great idea. 5 years is a looooong time and when I look on the two weeks I am doing this now and how much already happened there, I am curious what will happen. I am super motivated to keep this the next five years. And sometimes, when I sit there and write down my daily memories, I let my imagination run wild, what will be in two or three years exactly on that day…


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