5 am cycling? Yes please!

Three days ago I initially planned to go cycling with my beloved little giant in the evening. It’s been ages that I rode my bike due to weather, travels and so on. So this would be the day! Aaaahm – no.

I came home from work and besides the fact that it was windy as hell and it took me literally hours to commute home, my body somehow wasn’t in it’s best state. I have made a 45 mins evening run the day before and struggled a bit with my allergy. And with the heat as well. The summer came up so quickly in Austria with 30 degrees until the late evening that obviously my body couldn’t really adapt. I have no problems with heat, I mean guys, I’ve been to Israel in August, and ran around in the Negev desert in the afternoon! But when the temperatures go up too quickly, I often feel tired and exhausted when doing physical stuff.

So when I came home, I was hungry, I had a little caprese and then – I decided to rest. My body screamed out loud for my couch and so I stayed there and relaxed. But somehow, as I was cuddling there, an idea came up. Why not getting up REALLY early and go for a ride in the morning?

I must admit, this only works when you don’t have to start at work at 7. My office hours are quite flexible and I decided that I want to be there at 8.30 and this is feasible. I often go running in the morning, I just love the feeling when the city is still asleep and slowly everyone starts into the day. I love the smell and I love the loneliness. I made one try to go inline skating in the morning and failed heavily, so I always though, no, no wheels before breakfast. But yeah.

So I gave it a try. And loved it. No mosquitos. No people. No heat. No wind. Just me, my ipod, my bike and the sunrise. Ah and some animals between the bushes and trees. How lovely is that? I will definitely do it again (tomorrow probably), and maybe I will get up even earlier to ride longer :-)

Here are my lessons learned:

  • Preparation is everything.
    I pumped up my bike, I prepared the clothes and the water bottle already in the evening. So I didn’t need to run around and look for my stuff, which probably would kill my motivation.
  • You need something in your stomache.
    Ideally something sugary that goes straight into your blood. I had a glass of water and a little banana before I started.
  • It is cold.
    Even if the temperatures are high during the day and you love the fresh morning air, it can get cold with the wind on the bike. I wore a thin long sleeved shirt and shorts, I didn’t freeze, but the hot shower afterwards still was nice.
  • Don’t be too over-motivated.
    My short round usually is 1,5 hs. When I am fully awake, have moved already and I have had food before. So before breakfast and out of the bed and in my current training state, I decided to only go for 1h. I can go longer once I will be used to it, but for the first try this duration with a medium speed was enough for me.
  • Watch out for car drivers.
    As sleepy as you are, as sleepy they are too. And don’t think that there could be a crazy woman on a bike next to them. So be careful and pay extra attention.
  • Enjoy.
    It won’t be a crazy and intense training session. Don’t go for intervals. Just enjoy the ride and also take a minute to watch, breath and enjoy. The new day, the new ideas and the feeling that you will be super happy when you return home and a whole day of new beginnings is waiting for you!

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