Taking a short break at Freefly Fest

Well after the last busy weeks at my home dz and after this crazy month of May, it was about time to take some time off at another sky playground. The Bodyflyers where celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Freeflyfest at Bad Saulgau and so this little boogie was on my list.

I combined it with a business trip to three of my locations in Southern Germany. So I left Linz 1,5 days earlier, went to the Bavarian countryside and spent a night in Augsburg afterwards. I’ve been to Augsburg before – 15 years ago and straight after my finals at high school. And it felt like I’ve never really been there before. I only recognized the mayor’s house, everything else was completely new to me. Usually I remember the one or the other detail even if my last visit has been ages ago, but this time – nope. Is this somehow connected to my crazy youth parliament parties? Maybe yes ;-)

On the next day I stopped by for a longer talk at the Grill Academy in Illertissen (a new one and definitely a lovely place if you live nearby and want to learn grilling), before I drove to Bad Saulgau. I made my email stuff and had two skype calls and then finally it was weekend. Lucky me that I can enjoy mobile home office!

The weather was a bit rainy on the afternoon, but still I enjoyed one relaxed jump into the weekend after a weather hold before I had a typical German dinner with a friend, his wife and his adorable baby boy. I went to bed early, listening to the sound of the rain, so I was more than ready for jumping after a great breakfast. I skipped the balloon jumps, and had 7 awesome jumps out of the plane including a nice bigway for sunset with 17 people from 4700 m. The dropzone facilities are lovely and I really love the atmosphere there. And woohoo the parties are legendary! Bad Saulgau is a small city that offers all you need for a short stay, and another great fact is, that especially during events like the freefly fest, the skill level is high (even though everybody will always find a jump buddy).

In the evening we had the traditional curry meal at the dz before I quickly went to the hotel to have a shower, get warm clothes and then rush back to the dz for video and party. I didn’t join it so heavily as last year since it was clear that weather would be good on Sunday and therefore I really, really wanted to jump. And somehow having a few drinks and some hours of party where enough for me at that point. Call me old, but I don’t want to suffer from a hangover just because I SHOULD party. It’s that selflove thing, right?

I had another 4 jumps on Sunday before I left, because 4,5 hs of car ride where waiting for me. I didn’t want to arrive at midnight at home, tired and exhausted, since I had to be at the office on the next morning and we had a bigger meeting (with interesting news as I realized soon).

Was it a good weekend? Yes. New and old faces, nice jumps, good food, some drinks and finally a little bit of holiday. After my short visit to Vienna the weekend before to fly in the tunnel and meet a very very good friend, I enjoyed again every minute. I refused to touch my company phone for two full days and letting go of work topics makes it so relaxing. It’s not talking about work, I really enjoy this. But reading mails and thinking too much would have made it more difficult to cool down.

This week we have a holiday and I am video flying all the four days (if the weather is good). Will be a tough job because we also have the new students on the dz, but hey. Somehow the money has to roll back in ;-) Next week I’ll be in Hamburg for a birthday party (and enjoying another getaway) just before the Niederöblarn Boogie takes place. And then, actually, the month of June will be over again already….

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