Hey June…

Pew already one more month gone! May felt like a bumpy canopy ride – basically you feel safe and it is fun, but between all the maneuvers there is the one or the other burble and you really have to watch out what’s coming next.

I really enjoyed my days in Berlin, visiting friends (and dogs!), good food, sun, strolling around, feeling that city. But when I wanted to go home, again I was stranded because this shit airline Air Berlin refused to fly. And somehow this was the start of the burbles and bumpy times. One thing after the other happened, car, keys, vespa… it felt like that there was always something not so cool.

At work it was turbulent too, much daily business, some sudden changes, but also a lot of fun, laughter and working on new ideas and concepts. I am very proud of my partners who work hard to improve the great concepts and develop the ideas and there will be some great things coming up too. It feels awesome to contribute and support them, and to see the results.

Finally summer arrived, at least in the last weeks. This was about time, because most of the times in May, the weekdays where good, but as soon as it was Friday, it was rainy and cold. We all waited for the good days to come, since our plane was here and we just wanted to jump! We had a stormy weekend once and a pretty scary situation in the plane, but thanks to great teamwork, nothing happened and we all could drink a beer afterwards. We already had some exciting inhops and demojumps, which is always a nice thing between all the “normal” landings.

I enjoy yoga more and more and it definitely helped me to deal with the stressful moments. I feel that I am way more relaxed, focused and taking care of myself. Saying no doesn’t feel weird anymore and with improving concentrating on me, I also improve to concentrate more on the people and things that are worth it. Those yoga lessons are like little islands in the stormy sea and last week, when I didn’t have one, I missed something. That is the good way of missing! I started to practice also at home, just when I feel that I want to. Without pressure, just trying to enjoy more me-time. Sometimes of course you also have bad days, sad days and thoughtful days. But in the last months it got easier to deal with all that. My yoga teacher let us pick a yoga quote after every lesson, and I collect them and stick them to my front door – so I see some wise words and get positive thoughts every time I leave the house.

Sports and food where fine, the market is full of great stuff like strawberries and asparagus, fresh potatoes or herbs, everything growing around my hometown. Cooking is so much fun now! I enjoy being outside, running, cycling, walking, jumping and soaking up the sun and fresh air. Still, I think I gained some weight, but honestly I have other things to to than to worry too much about it (even though of course I want to get rid of it). Being happy and investing energy in the really good things is more important than losing one or two kilos as fast as possible. And the last years have shown – it will happen anyways, because I’m definitely not lazy or eating shit  ;-)

So June… My birthday month, some private short travels (like boogies or a birthday party in Hamburg) and more sports. I met one of my oldest and probably also craziest friends in Vienna last weekend, had awesome jumps with great guys from different countries and I’m looking forward to meet even more quality people in the next weeks. Exciting projects at work and also in my private life: my boss approved my holiday request last week and so I can start planning my Bali trip. Yippieh yay!


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