Quick n easy vegan quinoa bowl with asparagus and tofu

This is definitely one of my typical Sunday meals. A bit too lazy to cook something complicated and already planning next week, so it should be something easy and portable. This meal combines everything, and it is light and fresh, so also suitable for lunch at work.

You can literally throw in everything you find in the fridge. Right now we have loads of fresh asparagus in my area and I love it (you maybe recognize my asparagus article some time ago) , so this ingredient had to go in. I cooked for two meals (well, actually even a bit more as usual), and I took:

  • 1 hand of fresh green asparagus
  • 10 cm of leek
  • a hand full cherry tomatoes
  • one violet carrot
  • 180 gr of my favourite soft tofu
  • a hand full of cashew nuts
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 cup of quinoa
  • herbs, coconut oil and lemon juice (I had garlic, salt and semi-spicy chili sauce)

Wash and cook the quinoa (little tip: if you don’t add salt you can use it for other purposes if you realize you cooked too much). While it is wobbling, cut the veggies except the avocado and the tofu into pieces. If you have something harder in your veggie mix, put this aside and start roasting it in the coconut oil beforehand. Throw the rest into a big bowl, add spices of your taste and the lemon juice. Mix it and throw it into the pan. I always keep the asparagus heads aside and add it at the end just before eating, because they are sensitive and could get burned. Let it roast for 10 minutes and stir often, so that all of the juices can mix up. In the end, also add the quinoa and stir well.

Place it into a bowl and add avocado slices. If you wish, you can add some herbs like cress or coriander. This meal offers you endless possibilities what to use, how to season it and you can eat it warm and cold. So definitely worth trying, right?

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