May be everything’s alright

Pew, it’s been a bit quiet in here right? Well, probably because I have been really, really busy the last two weeks and finally have two days in this wonderful city of Berlin to let go, stroll around and enjoy the weekend. I already had a historical morning run and can’t wait to discover more. But let’s have a little lookback on April first.

It was the month of the first real warm days, just to be followed by a crazy winter throwback with snow and ice. It’s really strange when you deal with some sun burnt skin areas from the weekend while it’s snowing outside. But I think this was the last attempt of winter to come back and now there’s spring and summer waiting.

I have been traveling quite a lot, Ingelheim, Berlin, Tyrol, everything was on the map. We had some intense workshops working on new projects for the next season and I always love those chances to meet up with my international colleagues in person, as well as I enjoyed the days in winterly Seefeld with my colleagues from Austria and Switzerland. You know, like talking, working and chatting in real life and not only via skype. I had a great time also last week when I was here in Berlin for a brand workshop. My great company invited people from all over Europe and all stages of carreer to dive deep into the brand and culture of Weber. I met many wonderful people and it almost felt a bit like holiday. Of course it is always work and yes, there is not so funny things to and for sure also big expecations and pressure, but all in all it doesn’t feel like work (ok, with some minor exceptions).

We officially started the skydiving season and hey, last week I made my first real bbq for 25 people. It was great fun and a nice end to a good day. May will be dedicated to jumping at home and a little trip to Vienna to meet up with a good friend for some fun flying in the tunnel. I currently have some smaller fights with my new canopy and have to find a way to develop my skills. I hope to get some good ideas in the next weeks, because otherwise, I’m afraid that some kind of frustration will come up. Let’s see. I also started coaching again and it is so great to see all the progress the guys show.

I really enjoy my sports activities and have so much power. I think this also comes from my yoga lessons which I really love. I found the perfect place and even had a private lesson last week, since it was the early morning session and we were the only ones. I can feel that I take even more care of myself, more than I have been already taking. I just listen to my sould and body and respect a no. As well as I feel even more confident to defend my spaces and also say no to others. Good thing guys, good thing!

Concerning my private life I only can tell you, that it’s kinda relaxed and there is absolutely no drama. What a great thing! Finally! Let it roll and enjoy. And I would definitely not say that it’s getting boring ;-)

So to sum up, I have a real good life. I feel settled and happy, and the one or the other day where I might be grumpy is part of the game. I will start planning my autumn holiday soon together with a friend. Which is new, because the last years, I have been planning most of my trips alone. More sports, more sun, more good times with food, friends and skydiving. I will be traveling around Austria to get some things done for work, which is always a motivation booster. When I learned something in the last months it is that so many things fall into place, as soon as you fucking stop worrying about every detail!

But now, for a start, I will start strolling around in this wonderful city. Finally no plan but lots of time! In the evening I will meet some friends for good food and tomorrow I plan to visit a flea market since the weather looks good. Bööööörlin here I come!


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