Coconut pancakes with banana whip

I love love love pancakes. These coconut pancakes can bei either eaten as breakfast (especially with the healthy banana whip topping) or as dessert with chocolate sauce with fruits (especially exotic fruits like passion fruit, dragon fruit or pineapple). Make them small, make them big – they will be awesome all the time!

For a breakfast for one hungry persons take:

1 egg
150 ml (full fat) coconut milk
50 ml milk
200 gr flour
3-4 table spoons of grated coconut
1 shot of mineral water with gas
1/2 greek yoghurt
1/2 or 1 small ripe banana

Crack the whole egg in a bowl and whip it up for about 5 mins to get air into it.  While you add the milk and the coconut milk, keep whipping. Gently fold the flour and the grated coconut before you add the mineral water. The dough shout be robust and thick, not to liquid, because we want to get rather compact pancakes.

Heat a pan (ideally a teflon pan so you won’t need butter for greasing) and place small or big pancakes into it. You can reduce the heat after the pancakes won’t run away anymore. Turn around the pancakes as soon as you see the edges getting stable and the upper side of the pancakes starts getting dry (little bubbles disappear).

In the meanwhile squeeze the banana and mix it with the yoghurt. You won’t need any sugar, since the banana sweet enough.

When the pancakes are ready, place them on a plate and add the banana whip. If you want something crunchy too, you can take nuts or as I did cocoa nibs. And now – dream of enjoying them at a wonderful sandy beach!

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